emmakisstina illustration.

I love me some Etsy.  For the past few years, I’ve been trying to purchase most of my Christmas gifts from Etsy sellers to support the amazing shop owners and introduce my friends and family to the wonderfulness that is Etsy.

This year, I’ve decided to offer free sponsor spots to some of my favorite stores (many of which I purchased gifts from this year) and partner with these amazing sellers to offer you some holiday gift ideas, or give you the opportunity to purchase a little something for yourself.

First up is EmmaKisstina illustrations – 

 { the classics, four classic reds, navy chains & pearls silk scarf, louboutin pair }

Kristina’s art is seriously the perfect level of girly.  I love how she captures such iconic fashion accessories – her “four classic reds” print was the perfect addition to the mini gallery wall I have in my bathroom and I’m currently obsessing over the silk scarves that were recently added to her shop.  

From December 1-4, EmmaKisstina Illustrations will be offering my readers free shipping on all orders – use code PRETTYFUN2011 at checkout. Let me know if you order anything – I’d love to see how you display Kristina’s art in your own home.