Shops You Should Know // V16.

Shops You Should Know is a monthly feature that highlights five of my favorite Etsy shops – it’s my way to show off some recent finds and support the small business community on Etsy. This month I’m handing over the reins to fellow Chicago blogger and friend, Erin of Color Me Styled for her to share some of her picks.

Hello Pretty and Fun Readers! I’m so pumped to guest curate Cait’s Etsy Shops You Should Know this month. It is one of my favorite articles that she puts together and each month I spend way too much time on Etsy following her post. I’ll be checking in on the comments but let me know what you think of my shop picks on Twitter too! @erinmbassett


 // AtelierCaroline 


 // Nicole Porter Design


// Charm and Guption


// Almost Done


 // Stitch Culture