How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

Sometimes it’s funny how quickly our habits can shift. When I was marathon training a few years ago I was always a night runner – morning workouts were never in the cards for me as I’d much rather decompress from work at the end of the day with a few miles after dark (which looking back was pretty dangerous, but luckily everything was okay!). Night workouts were my thing and as many times as I tried, I could never make the morning workout thing happen and would end up snoozing through my alarm at every attempt.

How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

Fast forward to today and I have become a die hard morning workout person. It’s something I would have never expected back in my running days but it’s made a huge difference in my everyday routine and energy levels. There’s nothing better than starting the day off with a great workout and I’m hooked on the satisfaction of checking my daily workout off my to do list before even the sun rises.

The secret? Finding a workout you really love.
How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

Enter Flywheel for me. I discovered Flywheel’s spin workouts back in the beginning of 2014 in Los Angeles, and let’s just say it wasn’t exactly love at first fly. I was firmly in the anti-spinning camp and was forced to do a Flywheel class as part of Nike’s NTC event. I spent the entire 45 minutes trying to figure out what was going on and how the heck everyone else in the room seemed to be nailing it and hitting the instructor’s every RPM and Torq direction. It kicked my butt in the most embarrassing way possible (somehow I found myself on a bike riiiiight in the front row center, and confirmed my POV on indoor cycling: not for me.

How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

But then curiosity got the best of me and I found myself giving Flywheel another shot in Chicago’s Gold Coast studio and became totally hooked. Morning or night, Flywheel was my favorite way to spend 45 minutes of my day and it felt so good to find a new workout I truly enjoyed after burning myself out on running after 2 marathons and 5 half marathons in 2 years.

I was a bit heartbroken when we moved out to San Francisco and I realized there was not yet a Flywheel studio in the city but I am so so happy that they’ve opened a beautiful new studio on Market Street and I’m totally hooked once again.

How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.How to Make Morning Workouts Happen. How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

For me morning workouts are all about accountability – give me the option to skip without penalty and I will (sorry gym in my building, I’m lookin’ right at you). It’s not even the waking up early aspect that gets me, a class cancelation fee just gives me the perfect little kick in the butt to get me out the door bright and early. I’ve found that the fast pace, good vibes and killer playlists of Flywheel classes not only get my heart pumping and sweat flowing, but actually set the tone for my entire day – the days where I take a morning class always tend to be good days and I don’t think it’s a coincidence! Another way to bribe yourself to hit the gym in the morning? Bribe yourself with coffee. As someone who usually has a cup of coffee immediately after waking up the promise of a killer cup of coffee right after class always does it for me; sometimes I think about it during the entire class (#addict).

Getting into the habit of morning workouts isn’t easy but once you’ve found the right workout, it’s 100x easier AND more fun!
How to Make Morning Workouts Happen.

Anyone else hooked on morning workouts? What are some of your faves?

PS. You can check out my original review of Flywheel from 2014 here for a good overview of how class works & what to expect

This post was created in partnership with Flywheel as part of their ambassador program

  • Essentially Mel

    That sounds like fun! I might have to see if my city offers it. Cute workout clothes help too :)

  • I really need to get a morning work out routine going. I am just far too attached to my bed right now.

  • I need to develop a morning walk routine but its hard considering the cold ugh lol

  • Nicole D’Amato

    I workout in the mornings too and I totally agree that finding the right workout will keep you motivated! I do classes at my gym and I love them so much that I almost never have a problem getting out of bed in the morning! Great post<3

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo Nicole

  • Ayanna

    Flywheel sound fun! I love morning workouts. They give me extra energy to tackle the day. I have been a member of our local YMCA for years and love the variety of workouts they give.

  • My Silly Monkey

    I really need to do this, basically just get in some sort of routine. I just love sleep and so tired at the end of the day.

  • Jaycie Sullivan

    I’ve been trying to get back into the motivational morning routine, and have been struggling with it SO hard. I used to workout 4-5 times a week, and now I’m lucky if I feel up to a tiny 20 minute workout once a week, if at all.

  • Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Anya Perry

    Cait: Thank you for sharing! I love to run in the morning, but lift at night. I used to force myself to do CrossFit in the mornings, and felt amazing aferwards, but lately it is all about extra food in my belly during the day to make those powerful lifts happen :)

  • I am obsessing over those olive green Nikes!!! Morning workouts are the way to go.

  • Hyla

    I like the accountability as well! I was just talking to a few friends about getting a membership that way if they cant meet up I’ll still have the gym and a way to make new friends as well.

  • I used to take flywheel classes all the time in NYC and LOVED THEM. thankfully, they are building one literally right across the street where I live now! can’t wait!!

  • lexi

    I still haven’t found my perfect workout but I love your suggestion! Also, you look SO cute!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  • This sounds like fun! I definitely need to keep my body in shape. The problem with me us that my sciatica pain prevents me from doing extensive exercise :(

  • That looks like a serious workout in the morning…spinning at the fly wheel! I have tried and tried to make mornings my workout time…I love my routines but I am a night owl by nature. I blame my mom giving birth to me after midnight and setting my circadian rhythms that way! Though I wish I could switch cause the endorphins that kick in after a workout are a great way to start your day!

  • Nina Bashaw Photography

    I love this post!! And those pants you have on, I need those!

  • love this! with this outfit to work out, I would work out all the time!

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    Great post! I agree, finding a workout that you truly love is essentials.

  • Lauren Norton

    This is great! I am so bad about working out in the mornings. I should be working out right now but there is too much to do before I can go to bed… I’m having a glass of red wine instead…same thing? :P

    Once I am making a bit more money, I will go find a workout class. Until then, I will keep with my required afternoon dance classes for my degree. I will add in a morning workout soon though. Maybe tomorrow! :)

  • I am horrible at working out period no matter the time. But this sounds like a great idea if I can make it work with my schedule.

  • I love your outfit! I hate working out. I try to jog daily and leave it at that.

  • Marie Mack

    I have heard many good things about flywheel! Like you mentioned, I find that I have so much more energy throughout the day when I start out working out in the morning.

  • Teresa Gilbert

    that workout gear is fab! I love the pants!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    KA-UTE outfit! Love it and I love all the fashion shots amongst some good content. Thanks for this.

  • i love morning workouts, but honestly I did not get in the habit until I had a baby. Now I’m up and out and enjoy having my time to myself. That’s what gets me there. :)

  • Co-sign on Flywheel motivating me to get to my workouts! Also love + need those leggings.

  • “Getting into the habit of morning workouts isn’t easy but once you’ve found the right workout, it’s 100x easier AND more fun!” — this is so true. I find it difficult to set time aside for my daily workouts, but it’s all about finding the time to do something you really enjoy. First, you have to find a workout you can actually enjoy. ;)

  • This looks like a great place to work out. I love having a great outfit while working out LOL. The print on your leggings is fabulous. :)

  • Donnica Smalls

    I’ve had friends suggest OrangeTheory and Flywheel to me and I’ve been meaning to try both out. I think my issue with morning workouts is exactly what you said, I haven’t found the right workout.

    P.S. Love those leggings!!

  • Allison Ellzey

    I love the workout clothes and that’s enough reason for me to work out in the morning lol

  • Omg! You are so inspiring! Not only do you look amazing cause your so fit, but killing it in your outfit too! :) You are so right, a morning workout makes you feel so energized and refreshed!

  • Nicole Cochingco Escat

    I love your morning workouts. I wish I had a tie to do that and BTW Ilove your outfits.

  • Erin Elizabeth Beaupre

    You’re so right that you have to find something you love – and then you’re excited to get out of bed! :) I’m a total morning workout addict! I have fallen in love with weightlifting and cardio (running and bikes). So fun :) – Erin at

  • Lisa Rios

    I do love Morning workouts as they are the best way to boost yourself and start a day in a refreshing manner anytime. Your outfits are amazing & perfect for workouts and it is good to see you found Flywheel as a perfect choice!

  • Shannon Paige

    Oh my god yes i just got into spinning I go every tuesday (at 5:30 pm though) and I love it- however, for me, the music makes all of the difference. Last week I got a different teacher who had all 80s and slow music…not a fan. Lol. Good for you for doing the morning workouts- accountability is for sure a good feeling when you know you could have slept in instead. *

  • I have never done a spin class before. I have heard they are a great work out and a lot of fun. I try to do morning workouts but I tend to sleep instead of work out. I work out normally at night time. It works better for me. I may have to try to work out again in the mornings.

  • I’m totally a morning person, I got in and out of phases for morning workouts! You are motivating me to get back into it!

    xo, Sarah

  • I am 100% a morning person, so I feel ya! My fiance however….that’s a different story lol ;)

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  • Yup! Morning workouts are the BEST. They’re an amazing way to start the day–something fun, something good for me, and something that’s JUST for me. And it’s also the only quiet time I get during the entire day. :)

  • Amazing about morning workout are not meant for me i think.