5 Reasons You Should Try ClassPass.

5 Reasons You Should Try ClassPass.

We’ve all been stuck in a fitness rut where routines get boring or other priorities take over our usual gym time. And if you hate the gym as much as I do, it can become all too easy to fall into the trap of either hardly working out at all or splurging on boutique group fitness classes. That’s where ClassPass comes in to solve all your workout woes.

Classpass gives you the freedom to explore all the gyms and group classes you like for a flat monthly rate that’s much lower than many gym memberships.You can bounce from class-to-class or stick to your favorite workouts in your neighborhood. Best of all, your workouts won’t be boring, your wallet won’t be empty, and your hectic schedule will finally include some much-needed you-time.

5 Reasons You Should Try ClassPass.

1. It doesn’t have to be a gym: Skip the monotony of the treadmill and try out yoga, barre, cycling, crossfit, or just about anything else that piques your interest instead. With a ClassPass, you can get moving at over 8,000 studios. You can use the pass up to two times per studio, or try five different locations to find your new favorite workout.

5 Reasons You Should Try ClassPass.

2. It’s less costly than many boutique fitness classes: Memberships to specialty gyms can get expensive, but a ClassPass membership gets you into plenty of your favorite places for much less. With the Base option, you can take five classes for only $11 each, while the Core option with more classes is even less per class. Plus, there are always promotions on the program’s social media pages, so be sure to look for first-time deals.

5 Reasons You Should Try ClassPass.

3. It holds you accountable: With a busy schedule, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the middle of the day and decide to skip working out that night for a little extra me-time. But with ClassPass, you’ll be motivated to stick to your scheduled classes to avoid a $15 cancellation fee.

5 Reasons You Should Try ClassPass.

4. It’s tailored to your abilities and interests: The ClassPass app helps you make a fitness schedule that works with your schedule, limits, and interests. Whether you’re looking for a blast of cardio, an hour of full-body toning, or the trendiest new studio in your city, look no further than your personalized recommendations. You can also use the app to categorize your favorite studios and upcoming class schedule.

5 Reasons You Should Try ClassPass.

5. It’s low-commitment:  If you don’t love your first month, you can cancel the upcoming month without penalty. Just be aware that the pass renews automatically, so be sure to check the app to ensure you end your subscription before the next cycle begins.

Have you tried Classpass yet? What are some of your favorite ways to work out?

  • Leslie Soto

    I’d never heard of Classpass before but this is definitely intriguing to me. I’ve never joined a gym because I want a variety of classes and workouts and prices are ridiculous at some gyms. I’ve been wishing that there was a way that I could try a few different classes! I think classpass fits that wish!!! I’m pinning this to New Year’s Goals!

  • effortlesseverydaystyle

    Hmm so interesting, I never knew how Classpass worked, I will def check it out!

  • I love Classpass! The 5 a month option works great for me in addition to the boring gym! maybe I’ll see you at a SF studio someday.

  • tina johnson

    I love this idea. I belong to a gym with a monthly fee but I think it doesn’t hold you accountable because it’s easy to skip classes when it doesn’t matter how many you go to. If I was paying for a certain amount of classes then I would be more inclined to make sure I attended them.

  • I am obsessed with ClassPass and I LOVE this list!
    so good!

  • Lilies + Lambs

    Love ClassPass! Such a great program. xx, Morgan

  • Tuyet

    I’ve never heard of this and need to look into it. I hate going to the gym haha. Thanks for sharing. kimballandkedzie.com

  • I would definitely love to try ClassPass. It sounds awesome.

  • I would have never thought of about classpass ,but now i will love to do this.