New Apartment Inspiration.

New Apartment Sneak Peek!

I’m officially unpacked in New York and through the worst of the chaos and disorganization that comes with settling into a new space. While my new apartment is really only a bit smaller than my most recent space in SF, the bedroom is cozy and the downsize from 3 closets (including one walk in) to 2 small ones has been a bit of a struggle, but after many hours of scouring the web for storage solutions and a little help from MakeSpace, we’re officially organized enough to start decorating!

I didn’t move much from SF to New York in terms of furniture and decor so it’s exciting to have a pretty clean slate for this space. The new apartment is in a pre-war building so there’s plenty of old charm happening with exposed brick, a fireplace and hardwood – I’m on a mission to have the space decorated by the end of the summer so I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration and new pieces to help get this place done. The latest plan? Go white and bright in the bedroom, perhaps with a black accent wall, swap out the ceiling fan in the living room for a dramatic light fixture and get a new bed to sneak some storage underneath.

A peek around my new place:

New Apartment Inspiration. (This shot is actually from another unit in my building – sadly no brick in my bedroom!)New Apartment Inspiration.

I’ve already added this shelf from CB2 to the left side of the fireplace for some much needed storage space, and this little desk from West Elm to the other side for my workspace, and am currently on the hunt for a large piece of art for above my sofa. My coffee table broke in transit (womp womp) and I’m considering replacing it with this textured metal option to balance out all the black going on in the room with the fireplace and my sofa.

The bedroom has been a little less fun in the decorating department as the room is small and basically has just enough space for my bed, with walking clearance on one side. Initially I had planned on keeping my bed from SF but realized that I need something a bit higher to allow me to store things underneath, so I just ordered this mid-century inspired option, which should go nicely with either the white or black walls. My bedroom closet has been a major storage challenge so I’m still sorting out options to add drawers to the closet for better clothes storage, but grabbed this skinny brass full length mirror for the small space next to the closet.

Overall I love the space and can’t wait to make some serious progress decorating as I settle into life in NYC and my first apartment here. Stay tuned for more updates!